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Thank you for your interest in wanting to invest in the youth of our area by providing them with relevant services, opportunities and programs. We desire to have passionate community members be able to take their skills and equip the youth of our area through new and innovative programs. Below you will find information on our room layout as well as needs assessment data helping us target key areas of youth culture to empower these students through various life circumstances.

Our Desire:
As we move forward in our mission we are constantly evaluating ourselves using these three questions:
Safe Place - Does it create an inclusive environment?

Community Building - Does it provide entry points for new and current students to build healthy relationships with peers and adults?

Empowering students towards healthy life change - Are healthy decisions being made as a result of student choice and commitment rather than a dependency on us to make the decisions for them?

Our Students:
Based on a needs assessment here are some of the key areas that we look to address and alleviate in students lives. We desire to be intentional about developing quality programs that alleviate these areas.
Drug & alcohol use
School stress (both academic and peer)
Teen Pregnancy
Lack of respect
Nothing to do-nowhere to "hang out"
Depression, anxiety, mental health

We appreciate your program application and you can return it to the armory or email us a copy at

Thank you for taking the time to invest in the youth of our area!

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