"Introduction to Brush Calligraphy" Workshop
As someone who has dealt with anxiety and other psychological health disorders, I've used Brush Calligraphy as a way to cope and help ease the symptoms that go along with it. This art form has become increasingly popular over the past few years, through many online professionals popping up, classes, books, etc. My goal for you is to learn the basics of Brush Calligraphy to use when you have some downtime, for YOU-time, for presents or cards, and to help you cope with whatever you might be going through.

For caregivers, making time for yourself can be difficult. I know, I'm going through it myself. Last year my father received a diagnosis that shook our family a bit and I became a caregiver for portions of his care. It hasn't been easy for sure, especially on top of my full-time job and full-time graduate program.

This list is to determine the interest levels on doing this Introduction class! My goal is to do the first class before the December holidays so that you have some time to create something for a loved one! My other goal is to make this affordable and interactive! You'll get direct instruction by me, including your own tools and guide to begin your own lettering and brush calligraphy journeys!

Please be sure to sign up below to be put on my list! And keep your eye on your email! I'll be sending out information soon on dates and locations!

<3 Heather
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Thank you so much for signing up! Keep an eye out for more information coming soon! For samples of my work, head over to https://heyheyheatherk.net/workshops!
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