Hidden Taleoid Giveaway
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During our next three writing group streams, taleoids will appear on screen! If you see one, make sure you write down the message on its sign, then enter it in the "submission" section below!

To watch the streams, tune into the Tale Foundry Twitch (http://twitch.tv/talefoundry) during any of the following sessions:
• 12/13 7:00pm CST
• 12/20 7:00pm CST
• 12/27 7:00pm CST

If you're the first to find one of our hidden taleoids, we'll send it home with you in the form of this keychain: http://thetalefoundry.com/taleoidkeychain

Good luck!

• You can submit as many times as you'd like, but you can only win one free keychain
• You must be following Tale Foundry on Twitch to be eligible (following, NOT subscribed)
• Be precise with shipping info; packages lost in post or delivered to the wrong address may not be recoverable
• Submission text must be copied verbatim (only include the precise text from the taleoid's sign; NOT case-sensitive)

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