2020-2021 Circle K Big/Little Application
What is the Big/Little program?
The Big/Little program serves as a great way for club members to connect with each other on an individual level. Based on the responses they give on this application, a "little" (a new member, typically) is to be matched with a "big" (returning member), who will serve as their mentor and friend both inside and outside of Circle K. These pairings will be revealed at the end of Big/Little Reveal, a fun-filled day centered around helping build and maintain these connections.

Before filling out this application, please ensure that you are a dues paid member and that you have attended a total of 3 SERVICE EVENTS and 2 SOCIAL EVENTS this quarter BEFORE submitting this application. These prerequisites MUST be completed in order to be paired with a big/little and attend Big/Little Reveal!

As soon as you have fulfilled these requirements, please make sure that you take your time in fully and honestly completing this application. We'll be using much of this application to match you with your big/little(s)! This application should take you a long time to complete, so please give yourself ample time before the deadline! For long responses, we highly recommend that you type them out on a Google Doc/Microsoft Word document first!

NOTE: Little applications will also be sent to the Bigs they are paired with!

Ready? Let's GO!!
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