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Event Timing: February 3, 2019
Event Address: EPHI auditorium
Contact us at : ESOG , Ras Desta Damtew Avenue
Tsehafi Tízaz Teferawork Keda Bldg (Near Ghion Hotel)
East Wing, 2nd Floor, Room no 7

Tel: 251-11-5506068/69

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Open for everyone interested
SESSION: Presentation on different topics with various professionals
Moderators: Dr. Fikremelekot Tumescent, Dr. Feyruz Surur, Dr. Mekides Daba and Dr. Genet G/medhin
1. How to prepare for media interview and public speech: using our skill for advocacy in the era of litigation 8:30-9:00
Speaker: Tesfaye Woldeyohannes
Learning Objective:
 Enable OB/Gyn's prepare for a radio/ Tv interview
 Learn how to prepare public speech at the time of crisis
 Learn the basic components of advocacy

2. Updates in the management of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy 9:00 - 9:30 by Dr Balkachew Nigatu
Learning objective:
 Describe the pathophysiology of preeclampsia
 provide updates in the management of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy with focus on preeclampsia
3. Update on Ovulation induction (OI) for treatment of infertility: 09:30 - 10:00
By Dr Ibrahim Salih .Al-Hikma Infertility Center
Learning objectives:
 Update on the place and indications for OI in the treatment of infertility
 Review the currently available options of drugs and protocols for OI
 Discuss the potential complications during OI
4. The Pregnant Patient with Non-Obstetric Abdominal Pain: Workup and Management
10:15-11:00 by Dr Jason Bell
Learning Objectives:
 Review anatomic and physiologic changes in pregnancy
 Differential diagnosis of abdominal pain in pregnancy
 Review basic workup for acute abdominal pain in pregnancy
 Surgery guidelines for abdominal surgery in pregnancy
 Review the presentation, workup and management for the following in pregnancy:
 Appendicitis
 Cholecystitis/cholelithiasis
 Pancreatitis
 Adnexal torsion
5. Management of Post fistula repair urinary incontinence by Dr. Fekade Ayenachew from Hamlin Fistula Hospital 11:00 - 11:45
Learning objective:
 Illustrate the prevalence and risk factors for post fistula repair urinary incontinence
 Discuss the possible management options of pos fistula repair urinary incontinence
 Discuss indications for Urinary diversions
 Describe the different types of urinary diversion
Discussion 11:45 - 12:00

Afternoon Session:
Moderators: Feyruz Surur and Genet G/medhin
6. Management of Advanced stages of Prolapse in young women who want to preserve their fertility 13:00 - 13:45 by Dr. Margaret McDougald
Learning objectives:
 Discuss conservative management of advanced prolapse in young women to preserve their fertility
 Describe fertility sparing surgeries
 Suggest surgical options of such mothers in resource limited settings
7. Overactive Bladder: Pathophysiology and Management 13:45 - 14:30 by Dr. Rahel Nardos
Learning objectives:
 Understand pathophysiology of overactive bladder
 Understand basic steps in evaluating and diagnosing a patient with OAB
 Understand available options for treatment particularly in resource limited settings
8. Incontinence and Prolapse – A Physiotherapy Approach –14:30 - 15:15 by Angela (Angie) N Johnson, PT, Board Certified Women’s Health Specialist
Learning objectives:

 Appreciate conservative treatment for incontinence and prolapse
 Demonstrate how pelvic health physical therapists can improve quality of life
 Pelvic floor muscle assessment and training explained
 Common musculoskeletal dysfunction associated with pregnancy and post-partum
9. Update on methods for terminating second trimester pregnancy (2nd trimester abortion) 15:15 - 16:00 by Dr. Jason Bell
Learning objectives:
 Describe the challenges and peculiarities of second trimester abortion services
 Discuss current medical approaches for second trimester abortion
 Describe dilatation and evacuation procedure for second trimester abortion
Discussion 16:00 - 16:15
Tea and coffee 16:15 - 16:30

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