College of Fine Arts Mini-Grant Program
Use this form to receive your mini-grant research funds after attending the mini-grant workshops. Mini-grant amount is dependent on number of workshops attended.
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I attended the following mini-grant workshops: *
If you attended a University grant workshop (e.g., a RATS workshop) select "Other" and include the date & title of the workshop.
I submitted the following grant applications: *
In order to receive the full $500 mini-grant, you must have submitted either a CFA Incentive Seed Grant application, University Incentive Seed Grant application, or any external grant application during the previous year. If you submitted an external grant application, check "Other" and include the grant description.
Please indicate the amount of your mini-grant based on the number of workshops attended and grants submitted: *
Attend 2 events - receive $200; attend 3 events - receive $300; attend 3 events AND submit CFA Incentive Seed Grant Application, U of U Incentive Seed Grant Application or any external grant application - receive $500.
Please provide any feedback that would help the Dean's Office create a better workshop series to assist in obtaining external funding for your creative & scholarly research.
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By submitting this form, I understand that I may use these funds for any research activity related to my faculty appointment at the University, and that the funds may carry forward into academic year 2016-17.
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