Admissions for Cathedral School
Our Admissions process is a three step process that begins with OptionC.

Step I: Login to our OptionC family site.

Current Family(ies)

Please login to our OptionC admissions site to update your re-enrollment intentions or to add a new student.

Once you login, the OptionC site consists of five sections in need of completion
1. Update Contact Information & click Save Changes via the Office tab & Contact Information
2. Update Family Profile & click Save Changes via the Office tab & Family Profile
3. Update Parent Alerts & click Save Changes via the Communication tab & Manage Alerts
4. If needed, add another parent to the family & click Save Changes via the Office tab & Enrollment
5. If adding New Students, add via the Office tab & Enrollment, then click Save Changes
6. To finish, open the Office tab & click Enrollment then indicate if you plan on re-enrolling your
student(s) for next year
7. Record your email address below & complete acknowledgement of Step 1, then continue to Step 2.Then
press submit when complete.

New Family(ies)

If you are a new family enrolling a student for the first time, please visit our school website:

Please click the OptionC Open Enrollment tab and Create a new account.
Email address *
Acknowledgement of Step 1 completion *
Checking the box below, acknowledges that all family information in OptionC is current.
Please type your Name Acknowledging Completion of Step 1 *
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