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Every breathe counts! We're excited you have chosen us to start/continue your diving journey. Please fill out the form below, we will contact you within a day upon receiving this.
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請提供你現有或將來的潛水認證上的英文全名 (對之後潛水核對牌照很重要的唷!) Please provide your English full name which is on your existing diving certification card or for your future one!
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我們將於收取表格內一天主動以Whatsapp回覆閣下。我們有機會正有潛水中,所以先謝謝你的耐心等候。We'll contact you through Whatsapp within a day upon receiving your application form. We might be diving under the sea, so your patience shall be appreciated.
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建議上課時間 Preferred Timetable *
我們的理論課及水下課堂都將以全日制進行。時間動彈,每星期開課。請填寫你可以上堂的時間,我們會聯絡你定立實際上課日子。Our theory and in-water sessions will be hosted in full days. Flexible schedule and new class every week. Please let us know your preferred days, we'll then contact you to confirm the exact class dates.
報讀的潛水認證機構 Diving Certification Organisation *
請揀選你想報讀的潛水認證機構。Please select which diving certification organisation you'd like to take your course with.
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