Niagara Falls TRIP 2019 - ICF
Join us for an exciting adventure to one of the 8 Natural Wonders of the World!

WHEN: Friday, 3:00 pm August 30 -to- Sunday, about 5:00 pm September 1, 2019
Transportation is provided from the Pattee Library. Please arrive by 2:45 PM.

Friday and Saturday night sleep in an American home.
Saturday visit Niagara Falls -- a natural wonder of God's creation you do not want to miss.
& visit Niagara Hydro Power Plant
Saturday evening meal with your host American family.
Sunday visit an American church with your host family.

COST: $60. (plus money for 3 meals (Fri.dinner, Sat. & Sun. lunches)
Optional costs:
$20 Maiden of the Mist - boat ride up to the horseshoe falls (great ride!!)
$19. Cave of the Winds - walk up to the bottom of the American falls

* Check with your schedule and professor before paying.
* No cancellation and refunds unless we can make an exchange with another student waiting to go.

QUESTIONS? contact either Walt or Garret
Walt phone: 814-404-8116 WeChat: walt1636
Garret phone: 330-501-2199

Sponsored by ICF / International Christian Fellowship, a home for all nations
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This kind of waiver is usual on American trips for legal reasons. ----- In consideration for being allowed to participate in this activity, I personally assume full responsibility for my actions (and of my accompanying family members), and release the staff and agents of International Christian Fellowship (ICF), Coalition for Christian Outreach and associated organizations from responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage to myself, my family or my property, provided such persons shall act with reasonable care for the safety of me and my property. Should any dispute or controversy arise, I agree to seek resolution according to Biblical principles through Christian Conciliation Services.
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