Tulum Mexico: The Sacred Journey Within Retreat Application
If you plan to join me in 2018 on Retreat & to participate in our evolutionary documentary film, please fill out this application and I will contact you soon.
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Do you have a passport? You will need to send a copy by email to travel.
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Food allergies and restrictions?
Why do you want to come on this retreat?
Do you have any previous experience with shamanic plants, sacred journeying with shamans, or other ayahuasca retreats? If so, how many times, when and where?
Do you meditate?
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Do you practice yoga?
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Do you have a self-care practice or do you need to learn? If so, what does your practice look like? *
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How do you handle crises? Explain: *
How do you express love?
Do you have any medical or psychological conditions? * Have you ever been hospitalized? Explain:*
Do you experience PTSD?
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Are you currently taking any kind of medication or supplements? *Do you have a history with substances or addictions? *Explain:
Are you a therapist, body worker, or healer? Or have you worked with one in the past? Explain: *
Would you like to participate in the Documentary Film The Sacred Journey Within?
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What do you love most about life right now? *
If you could change one thing about your life, what would you change?
Are you able to commit to a mind-body self-care and self-love practice to prepare for this journey?
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Do you have health insurance?
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How did you hear about us? *
Please answer yes or no to the following statement: I hereby give Farrah Sharpe & The Sacred Journey Within permission to use my photographic likeness in images or videos taken during this retreat on their website, in print material or other broadcast media for the use in promotion of their projects and programs.
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You can send your deposit by Zelle if you haven't already. Zelle: Farrahsharpe@gmail.com
If you already sent your deposit, how did you send it? Please enter email address of sender. Example: Zelle + email address.
Any other questions or comments?
Thank you. Welcome to The Sacred Journey Within Tulum
I will be in touch with you soon.
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