Third Root Community Health Center
Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Third Root Community Health Center!
Volunteering is a cornerstone of social action, and something we value highly at the center. Our volunteers are crucial and much-appreciated.

Volunteering at Third Root includes, outreach support, cleaning/maintenance support, administrative support, herbal support and more. We acknowledge that everyone can bring a specific skill set to this work, and we encourage you to focus your time according to your interests and talents. If you have a particular skill or interest you would like to offer, let us know in this application!

In order to provide consistent and reliable service to our clients, we ask for a minimum 3 month commitment. Volunteers typically work a 2 hour shift at the center each week. If you would like to propose a different schedule (i.e. a finite project that would be done over 3 shifts a week in one month), send an email directly to

Please use the application below to tell us about yourself and why you would like to volunteer at Third Root.

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We have found that volunteers who live in or near Flatbush tend to have successful and fullfiling volunteer experiences. However, being a Flatbush resident is not a requirement of volunteering at Third Root.
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We just looking for a general idea of how long you will be available. We understand that situations change and may affect your availability.
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Note: previous volunteer work is not a requirement to volunteer at Third Root.
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What do you do in the world?
This can include paid jobs, other forms of unpaid labor, hobbies, passions...anything you want to share that reflects a little bit about who you are!
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