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We want to hear from you (Next of Kin/ Friends/ Relatives) so we can keep improving our Care Home.

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I have been given all the information related to service users human rights and the systems in place for service users safety and protection. *
I know whom to speak to or raise concerns if I have any or how to file a complaint if required. *
The environment at Telford Lodge is safe. *
There are no unpleasant smells or odours in the communal or private areas. *
In general cleanliness appears to be well managed. *
There are always care staff or the team leaders present to talk to my relative or friend and me about their care and services. *
Staff appears to be trained in their jobs roles and appear confident and competent. *
Visitors are asked to be involved in the gathering of information about their relatives or friends when there are problems with understanding or communication. *
The food and drink services offered to my relative or friend are designed to accommodate their special diets and preferences. *
Food services are offered in a dignified manner , and meals can be eaten in private as well as communal areas. *
My friend or relative are quickly referred to specialist medical help or GP when it is required. *
My friend or relative is supported to enjoy a range of recreational and social opportunities which are meaningful and enjoyable. *
All staff are observed to be caring, compassionate and competent. *
Staff take time to listen and explain information to my friend or relative. *
Staff involve me appropriately in the assessment care plan and review according to the wishes and requirements of my friend or relative. *
Staff involve me in the assessment and care plan for end of life care according to the wishes of my friend or relative. *
The appropriate specialist equipment is provided to meet the special needs of my friend or relative. *
Staff are observed to respond promptly to the service users who need help. *
Staff listen to the service users and visitors concerns and help in addressing the issues. *
Staff are available to support service users when they attend external services such as an hospital appointment or a GP appointment. *
Home manager is accessible and takes time to communicate with the service users and their relatives or friends. *
The staff and manager are approachable and receptive to the concerns, complaints, suggestions or ideas. *
Information regarding service and quality developments is shared with the service users and their visitors. *
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