Pre-Inspection Septic Home Owner Survey
The completion of this form helps us understand how the system is being used and aids tremendously in your overall inspection.
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Do You have a copy of the State Approved Septic Plan on hand?
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If no do you have a Sketch of where the Septic System Components are?
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If Vacant, For How Long?
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Do you have a Water Softener *
IF you have a Water Softener, Where it does it Discharge to?
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Do you Have a Garbage Disposal
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Do you have a Dishwasher
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Do you have Washing Machine
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Does the Washing Machine Discharge into the Septic Tank?
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Date of Last Pumping of Tank(s)
Have There Been Any Concerns, Problems or Corrections to the System? *
If Problems with the system, what kinds?
Have There Been Fixtures Added to the Plumbing System of the House Since the Original Septic System was Installed? *
If Fixtures have been added, what Fixtures?
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