Khilah Marine Park 5780 Annual Dinner
This year's annual dinner honoring Arthur (Artie) and Michelle Shaykevich will be held February 8th, Motzei Shabbos Parshas Beshalach, at the JCC of Marine Park, 3415 Quentin Rd. Please use this form to submit ads for our dinner journal.

Scroll all the way down for a printable invitation and a link to the Chinese Auction page where you can see the exciting prizes and buy tickets at a huge discount!

As in past years, the donations for different ads are:
- Diamond Page: $1,000
- Platinum Page: $500
- Gold Page: $360
- Full Page:* $250
- Half Page: $150
- Quarter Page: $75
- Eighth Page: $54
- Greeting: $18

* Your full page ad or higher entitles you to dinner reservations for two

*** We will be accepting journal ads until January 31, 12:01 am ***

Ad Submission
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6. Click Pay Now and follow the payment instructions to the end.
7. After you are done, please click on the link to the Chinese Auction so you can see the great prizes and purchase tickets at a huge discount.

Note that if your payment does not clear, we cannot include the ad.

Thank you!
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