Adoption/Foster Application
*If you are under 21 years of age, a parent or guardian must complete this application.

After submitting this application, you will be contacted by a representative for further discussion on adopting/fostering. Please note our rabbits are in foster homes only; we do not operate a physical shelter, but we do visits by appointment. Arrangements can be made to bring the rabbit to an adoption partner location (Petsmart Flatiron), particularly for speed dating if you are looking for a bondmate.

Adoption fee is $100 for a single rabbit, $150 for a bonded pair, paid upon adoption; it is nonrefundable.
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If there are other pets living in your household, please list them and indicate species/breed, age, spay/neuter status, and vaccination status *
If you have cats, dogs, any kind of predatory animal, or small children, please state how you'd keep your rabbit safe from harm. *
[For adoption applicants] If you have had pets in the past, please list them below with mention of why pet is no longer with you. *
Please type in the following format using separate lines for each pet: species, spayed/neutered status, disposition (ex. ran away, surrendered, age of death/cause, etc.)
[For adoption applicants] Please provide name and phone number of your current/past veterinarian, or the veterinarian you are preparing to use.
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Please describe any previous rabbit care experience, if any: for how long, the nature of the relationship, and where the rabbit(s) is/are now. *
What kind of living arrangements do you have planned for your rabbit, including habitat size/placement, types of food and enrichment (toys, treats, etc.), time out of habitat, socialization, etc.? *
If your rabbit becomes destructive or aggressive toward you or other people/animals in the household, how do you plan to work through the problem? *
[For adoption applicants] Are you prepared and financially able to assume the cost of veterinary care, both routine and in the case of illness/injury? Note that rabbits are exotic animals and at times require costly care. *
Potential fosters can select yes, as medical costs are covered by B&B.
[For adoption applicants] Would you be willing to buy insurance for your rabbit? Insurance helps mitigate many costs in the case of illness.
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The information I have provided in this application is true and accurate. I understand that giving false information, refusing to provide information, or omitting requested information is grounds for denial of my application. I also understand that this application is for information purposes only, it is not considered an application for a specific animal, and acceptance of this application does not guarantee approval for adoption of any animal. *
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