Jess ,Erin & Katja- Jelly Beans
Hope to see you at our store on the 13 of September, we will giving out a free jelly beans to the first 10 customers.
Thanks for filling out our survey.
1. How much money are you brining to market day ? *
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2. Do you want black or white elastic in your on your chocker *
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3. What charms do you want on your chocker ? *
4. Would you buy a bullet journal?
5. Are you prepared to pay R65 for a Bullet Journal?
6. Would u buy a plain or designed journal ?
7. What layout ideas do you want in your bullet journal ? *
8. Would you buy our marshmallow crunch brownies or biscuit brownies ?
9. If you are allergic to nuts would you like us to substitute the Nutella in our marshmallow crunch brownies with melted chocolate ? *
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10. Will we be seeing you at our stall on the 13 of September ? *
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