High Bridge Grounds for Art - Volunteer Interest
High Bridge Grounds for Art is a community arts project located at the historic TISCO Green Acres property in the heart of High Bridge, NJ. This project focuses on open space preservation while providing accessible art in a natural setting.

The goal of this scalable initiative is to evolve this outdoor space weaving together art, cultural, historical, and ecological interests to engage and enrich the public and we need your help!  This survey is to better understand how you may be interested in getting involved.

This project will be developed in three phases:

Phase 1 - Temporary (Current Phase; Painted canvases and 2/3 dimensional multi-media installations placed on fence-line leading to bridge, and painted window panels on the TISCO office building)
Phase 2 - Semi-Permanent (large-scale murals placed in larger doorways, walls and windows)
Phase 3 - Semi-Permanent to Permanent (pathways and sculptures placed within the natural environment throughout the TISCO property)

We have needs in any and all aspect of this project, from artwork to paperwork, and are looking forward to getting to know you and your unique skill sets.  With your support, the can be a true community event!

High Bridge Grounds for Art team

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Volunteer Ethics
Volunteers are what makes this project live.

We vow to try our best to:

- Be truthful, forthright, and thoughtful in our actions,
- Not pressure each other to give more than one feels comfortable,
- Ensure accuracy and integrity in our work,
- Provide ourselves and others opportunities for growth,
- Ask questions and communicate freely,

If you agree to the above, please click "submit" and let's start doing amazing things together!
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