Ontario LTAD Assessor Agreement
As the Designated LTAD Assessor for your Club, SSO requests that you complete the following form prior to November 15, 2016.

It is recommended that LTAD Assessors be coaches (or officials) with technical knowledge of synchro (familiarity with LTAD philosophy is an asset).

While assessing duties may be shared within the Club, the designated Assessor who signs off on this form must oversee/review ALL results to ensure consistent application of marking standards (if they cannot mark each athlete themselves). If assessing duties are being shared, SSO recommends that one assessor mark ALL instances of a skill within the club (i.e. one assessor marks everyone's Ariana Rotation). Again, the Official Assessor for the club must ALSO oversee and review the results to ensure adherence to standards.

Note on Goal of LTAD Testing: Please remember (especially for the November submission) that the goal of testing is not to have every athlete performing a perfect 10/10 on every skill from the outset; rather, the goal is to establish a benchmark of Ontario athletes' skill level, and then to continue to develop and improve on this (via in-club training, sharing of resources, additional/modified programming etc.). The second submission in March should show progression, and if there are weaker areas we will continue to address why this is the case and work to improve. The LTAD testing is not meant to be a stressful experience for athletes, it is merely a way to show them (and their coaches) where they are now, and to help them build goals for the future.

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