DCON 2019 Raffle Basket Donations
Thank you so much for donating a raffle basket to DCON!

The funds raised from these baskets will go to either the District Project or the Governor's Project. in NYS 2018 the raffle baskets raised about $300 that was matched by a Kiwanian, adding up to $600 in total donations!!!

Raffle Basket Ideas:
- Movie Night Basket
e.g. movie CD or gift card, popcorn, candy, fluffy socks, beverage, etc.
- Spa Basket
e.g. facial masks, cream, candle, bath bomb, etc.
- Coffee Addict Basket
e.g. Ground coffee, mug, gift card, funny coffee related souvenir etc.
- Those Who Don't Drink Coffee Basket
e.g. tea, hot chocolate and marshmallows, mug, etc.
- Lottery Basket
e.g. a bunch of lottery tickets
- Baker Basket
e.g. cake mix, stove gloves, cupcake holders, spatulas, etc.
- Sweet Tooth Basket
e.g. candy (pretty self-explanatory)
- Necessities Basket
e.g. pen, hand sanitizer, Tide Pen, portable charger, tissues, emergency kit, deodorant, etc.
- Game Night Basket
e.g. any game(s) that can be played with a group, snacks
- Mystery Basket: People can't see whats inside, there is only a short description on the box
e.g. One with instant food (aka Ramen, Mac&Cheese, etc.) would say "Broke College Kid"
- Mystery Book: The book will be wrapped with paper and have one word descriptions
e.g. Harry Potter -> adventure, childhood favorite, magic

*** You are not restricted to these ideas nor the items listed for each. The list above is meant to help navigate your understanding of what a Raffle Basket could be.

For any questions related to the raffle basket, contact Sami Sharifiy at sami.sharifiy@nycirclek.org

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