Review Team for Isabel Love
Thank you so much for signing up to be on my review team!! Please read the following before you sign up to get some details.

Please only sign up if you have read Untouchable or Unconventional. I want to make sure you are familiar with my writing style and want to commit to reading my books.

That being said, my books are going to be a bit different from each other. Not to mention the time of my releases may conflict with your schedule. So you will be given the opportunity to sign up for each book depending on whether or not you are interested in the subject matter and whether or not you can commit to reviewing after the book's release date.

Being on this ARC team just means that you have access to all of my future books before they release if you want them.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing I ask of you is that if you sign up to review a book, you post an HONEST review on Goodreads AND Amazon within 1 week of that book's release date. I will provide the ARC 2 weeks before, so that gives you 3 weeks to read and review.

**Your review does not have to be 5 stars. It just has to be honest and posted to GR and Amazon.

**I'd love it if you could post a picture of the ARC on social media when you start reading.

**I'm trusting you with my words before release, please don't pirate my book. Full disclaimer below.
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