Sick Days and Mental Health at Charlie
Hello team,

As part of Exploration Day, we're trying to learn more about how everyone at Charlie uses sick leave when it comes to their mental health.

For each of the statements below, please respond with the answer that makes most sense for you. Your answers are recorded entirely anonymously, and there is no way for anyone at Charlie to learn how you have responded... so please answer as honestly as you can!

For the purposes of this survey, we're defining ‘mental health’ as anything you have struggled with that is predominantly psychological in nature, rather than a physical illness. That could mean things like stress, overwork, exhaustion, burnout, anxiety and depression etc.

I hope that makes sense!
1. “Over the last six months, I have booked at least one sick day when the reason I didn’t feel able to come to work was my mental health”.
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2. “When I booked that sick leave, I let my manager know that the real reason I didn’t feel able to come to work was actually my mental health.”
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3. “Over the last six months, my manager and I have had at least one productive conversation about my mental health and how Charlie could support me.”
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4. “Over the last six months, I have come into work when I felt my mental health was not up to it on at least one occasion”.
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5. "If I woke up one morning and felt that my mental health was not up to coming to work, I understand what Charlie would expect me to do and who I should talk to about it."
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