Help organize !!Con West!

We're recruiting an organizing team for !!Con West, to be held in Santa Cruz, California in early 2019 (most likely February/March). Join us!

!!Con ( is the original conference of lightning talks about the joy, excitement, and surprise of computing. In 2019 we're expanding to the west coast of the US. Our goals are twofold: first, of course, we want to put on another great conference in the !!Con tradition. Second, we want to incubate a new generation of conference organizers. By the time we’re done, every member of the !!Con West organizing team will have the skills and experience to go out and launch their own conferences, if they want to.

If that sounds like something you want to do, fill out this form to apply to become a !!Con West organizer.

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How have you participated in !!Con so far?
If selected, can you commit to volunteering ~5 hours/week for !!Con West during fall (October-December) 2018?
If selected, can you commit to volunteering ~5 hours/week for !!Con West during winter (January-March) 2019?
If selected, can you commit to attending the conference in person in Santa Cruz, California, on a weekend in February/March 2019? (We can cover the cost of travel and lodging.)
Now for the fun stuff: Why do you want to help organize !!Con West?
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What's something that you want to improve about !!Con? If you were in charge of !!Con West, how would you make that happen?
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