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Join us at WagTales Imprints as we attempt to bring children into the process of curating and creating stories for children. Something which seems obvious, and not very difficult to do if one puts one's mind to it. And if one stops assuming that adults are the smart ones and children don't know any better. We have to only open our minds to allow the wisdom of children to find expression.

And we hope that your child can be part of this process.

We hope you and your child can be a part of our editorial team - what we call our Early Preview Team.

This form will help us know your child better and figure if they are suitable for this kind of initiative.

There will be another video call, before we confirm and proceed further.

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The adult who will be liaising with the WagTales Imprints team
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What kind of stories does the child love? *
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Does the child share their thoughts on what parts they like and what parts they don't like? *
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Does the child enjoy new experiences? *
Can you tell (without asking) if the child is enjoying something? *
How can you tell if the child is enjoying something? *
How can you tell if the child isn't enjoying something? *
Are you willing to put in the time required to make this exercise work the way it is supposed to work? *
Are you willing to put aside your own opinions while the story is being reviewed by the child? *
Are you willing to share feedback / reactions of the child without adding your own lens to the feedback? *
Will you be ok, if for whatever reasons, the child is not included in the Early Preview Team? *
Will you be ok, if for whatever reasons, the child's inputs do not reflect in the final output? *
Do you promise to not disclose/distribute/copy/share the story/work shared with you as a preview? *
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