FPC Advent Devotionals 2020
Thank you for contributing to FPC's devotional booklet for this year's Advent!

Due to space restrictions on our booklet, we have a word/character limit for the devotion. You are asked to write a reflection about 100 words long, and a two-sentence prayer.

Please submit this form only ONCE. You will not be able to make changes upon submission.
The deadline is November 16, but you are welcome to submit your entry anytime before then.

Some guidance from Pastor Julie:

Begin in prayer, asking God to speak to you about what to share. After reading the verses, ask yourself the following questions:

Does this passage spark a memory for you?
What does this text say to you about waiting, hoping, praying, or preparing?
What does God say to you through these words?

Any of those answers could be the beginning of your reflection.

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