Suggest texts for imaging!
Are there early printed books that you can't find an open-access digitization of? Submissions here will go into a public list with the hopes that a) an institution will digitize their copy and b) we all start shifting our mode of digitization projects towards collaborative cooperation.

For the purposes of this project, "early printed books" refers to works (not necessarily codices) printed between 1450 and 1800 (that is, roughly the era of hand-press printing) and across Europe and the Americas. This is the period that I study, but it's also a useful period in which to think about what gets imaged and what doesn't. We have fairly extensive catalogs of that period, and the numbers of printed works is comparatively small relative to the explosion of print in the machine-press era.

I'm also specifically interested in open-access digitizations, preferably images released into the public domain or under a Creative Commons Share-Alike or Non-commercial license. (Non-commercial is a fairly limited license and I'm a firm believer in the public domain, but something is definitely better than nothing.)

So, with those caveats, do you know of a text that has not been imaged and should be? Add your submission to the list! Want to see the list of what's been submitted so far? Visit Do you have questions about this project? Read my blog post about this ( and if you still have queries, drop me a line: AT gmail dot com.

Thanks for helping out with this!
Sarah Werner
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