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This is the master blogger sign up form for Paranormal/Urban/Science Fantasy Nicola C. Matthews and her associated pseudonyms. Bloggers who sign up to become a part of Nicola's master blogger list will receive all promotional media kit information for all of Nicola's new releases.

All bloggers who sign up will receive the following promotional media kit:
* Buy-Now or Pre-Order links to the new release
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* Newsletter link
*Excerpt where applicable

In addition, bloggers can alternately choose to also receive an ARC of the book to review.

*By completing this form, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service:
1. If you opt to receive an ARC for review, you will review and post your review to your blog/website and Amazon within 60 days of release date.
2. You will post the promotional items received in the media kit within the perimeters set forth in the kit. Promotional media kits typically go out a minimum of two weeks prior to release date. You may post the promotional material any time leading up to release day unless otherwise specified within the kit.
3. You agree that you will never sell, give away, or otherwise leak the ARC to any other entity.

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