Grad School Fair (Tuesday Oct 2nd)
UCM will be hosting a graduate school fair on October 2nd in the Gym from 11-2 but. There will be several booths for recruiters from other schools to come talk about their graduate programs. They need volunteers to help out with various tasks throughout the day from 9am - 3pm! If you are interested read each job carefully and please fill out the form accordingly.

*Also please note that each shift is 0.5 hours and the tier requirements count full hours. If you can make consecutive shifts you can part take in two seperate jobs at different time. I will be receiving a list from the lead coordinator to verify attendance. Your attendance is important so if you fill this out please be committed to the task you have signed up for.*

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Since you will be the 1st point of contact with the recruiters, it is important that you represent UCM well as you will serve as a UCM ambassador and answer any questions about the school the recruiters might have. One job is assisting with unloading material from recruiters vehicles to the shuttles [Location: Bellevue Parking Lot] Another job is assisting with unloading the material from shuttle to Gym [Location: Gym]
Greeting/Set Up Booths
Job includes: greeting recruiters at check-in table, assisting with finding booth location, escorting to booth and assisting with display set up. You will also serve as an UCM ambassador and answer any questions recruiters may have including but not limited to: pointing to locations of restrooms and break room, escorting to break room (if needed). [Location: Gym]
As an UCM ambassador you will be doing various take to show the recruiters hospitality. Jobs include: escorting to break room (if requested), serving as food runner (if requested), passing out refreshments, pointing out locations of restrooms, and breakroom. [Location: Gym]
Clean Up
Job includes: being an UCM ambassador, assisting recruiters with break down and packing material, escorting recruiters to shuttles, cleaning up location. [Location: Gym or Bellevue Lot]
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