PETITION: Overturn Nottingham SU's decision to overrule the President Councils' affiliation vote
This is our second petition - after our first one was forced to shut down after certain individuals thought it appropriate to make disgusting remarks on the signatures in an effort to discredit the petition and censor our cause. If you signed the first one, then we will try and recover the signatures from Change but cannot guarantee this, so feel free to sign via this form again (only one will be counted).

On the 11th June 2019, in accordance with the University of Nottingham Students' Union bye laws, the Societies Council met, consisting of Presidents' and Committee stand-ins from every Society in the Union, to vote on the termly batch of Society affiliations and Union decisions. One of which being the decision of the SU to prevent the 'Nottingham Students for Life' Society, which received a controversial reception from Officers and students alike, being put to a affiliation vote. Subsequently, the decision of the Union was upheld, and as such the Council never made it to an affiliation vote. Since then, the group has made legal threats to the Students' Union, and the Students' Union has decided to allow the Society to be affiliated without going through the democratic affiliation process laid out in the SU bye laws.

We do not think this is right. It sets a dangerous precedence for groups seeking to affiliate to the SU, and also feel it unfair that every other Society of the Union has been through the process and been affiliated by way of due process, yet this group gets preferential treatment due to threat of legal action. We believe that the democratic process laid out in the Union bye laws make it clear that the decision is one to be made by the Council, and not the Trustees of the Union seeking to immediately mitigate any legal threat. We do understand the SU's position, however simply request that we have a single, final, and non-controversial vote on the groups position in the Union, unfettered by influence of representatives of the Union.

NOTE: This is NOT politically driven, this is simply to protect students interests, and show the SU that it must respect the democratic procedures laid out it in its bye laws. If you feel the need to spam this petition, then please remember how easy it is to sift through these on Google Forms, probably not worth your time/money! :)

See the SU's statement on the matter here:

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