The Opportunity Trust: Entrepreneur-in-Residence Application
Thank you for your interest in the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. We are excited to have the opportunity to get to know you better and learn more about your vision for a powerful learning community for students in St. Louis.

You will answer a few questions via this form, and then attach additional materials at the end. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Phone Number
How did you learn about the EIR program?
We aspire to create a cohort that is diverse across many dimensions, and therefore are curious about how you identify. That said, this section is optional and has no bearing on acceptance.
Grew up in a low-income family?
What is your current role?
Please describe your results in your current role (what goals have you set in the last year or two? What results have you seen? If leading a school or classroom, please share student achievement results).
Please share two references that can speak to your recent work experience (could be previous managers, people you managed, families in your school community). Share their name, relationship to you, and contact information (phone + email)
Please attach your most current resume here
Optional: Attach any supplementary info/data about results in your current role.
Why do you want to be an entrepreneur-in-residence program? What do you hope to accomplish?
What key strengths do you bring to the program? In what areas do you hope to learn and grow?
How have you developed your current vision for a future school? What has most informed or inspired your vision?
What are some of the key strategies you might leverage to support equity, both in your ultimate school, but in your process to design and launch the school?
Please upload a draft vision for your future school. This should only be 3-5 pages, but can be in any form. It should speak to 1) What is the need that you hope your school will meet? 2) What is the graduate profile you hope to foster? What are the outcomes you’d prioritize in your model? 3) What would the student experience be like to achieve your outcomes? (ie what does a day or week look like? what makes your school unique?)
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