Workshop on Internal Conflict
Malcolm Ocean, Sarah McManus, and Benjamin Carr are going to be hosting an online workshop this spring designed to help people untangle their internal conflict. In preparation for that, we want to understand more about how people currently relate to their internal conflict, which specific conflicts resonate for them, what they'd like to learn, and what experience people already have.

The survey is fully anonymous. We may also make this data (at least the non-descriptive parts) available to others who are wanting to understand the landscape of internal conflict navigation or draw correlations between various factors.

In one sentence, describe what you'd want to get out of an event about untangling internal conflict
(We're sure you'll have more thoughts on this once you've gone through this survey, but we thought it would be good to get your sense before you've thought about it extensively.)
Your answer
What event names appeal to you?
Any of these conflicts resonate for you?
not me
yes, I struggle with this
I'm familiar with this, but I have mostly resolved it
I keep circumventing the blocks I set up to control my internet/phone usage
I sometimes binge on Netflix or other media and then feel awful afterwards
I compulsively check internet things when I'm supposed to be working
I have some other behavior pattern I would call an "addiction"
I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning
I can only seem to do things by forcing myself to do them, and I'd like to be able to do them because they're fun.
I seem to self-sabotage whenever my life is going well.
Part of me knows that I'm not fulfilling my potential, but I'm afraid of trying and failing
I keep yelling at myself
Whenever I prioritize one thing, I feel like all of my other priorities are getting lost
I like being the center of attention but I want to leave space for other people in conversations too
I struggle to maintain a balance between closeness and autonomy in my relationships
I can't consistently express my talent because any setbacks cause self-doubt
I can't stop having judgmental thoughts about other people
I oscillate between feeling excited about what I'm doing and anxiety or dread
I can't stop thinking about whatever problems are on my mind
I have issues staying focused on thoughts that are uncomfortable for me
Sometimes I have a specific task that I know is important, but I can't seem to do it until I've spent hours procrastinating and feeling bad first
I feel a conflict between my current identity and who I would like to be
How have you gone about resolving internal conflicts in the past?
0 = never tried it, 1 = tried it; didn't really work, 2 = have had some success with it, 3 = have had substantial success with this technique several times, 4 = have used this technique consistently for some time, 5 = am well-trained in this and/or have taught other people, etc
Mindfulness Meditation
Other Meditation
Talking with a friend
Gendlin's "Focusing"
Internal Family Systems
Internal Double Crux
CT Charting (Connection Theory)
Self-Referential Motivation / Self-Trust Bets
Commitment Contracts, Beeminder, etc
Prescription medication
Other psychoactive substances
Any other approaches you've used for resolving internal conflicts?
(Or elaborations on your experience with any of the above?)
Your answer
Have you ever had a lot of success with a technique, and then... you just kinda stopped using it?
(We're particularly interested if this seems to consistently happen for you whenever a technique seems to work really well)
Your answer
Tell us about a time when you navigated an internal conflict effectively...
Your answer
What's the main thing you're currently stuck on?
(Could be a specific thing, or a category of things, or a much more abstract thing related to your identity or mindset)
Your answer
Have you encountered motivational or other challenges, *as a result* of doing internal conflict work?
EXAMPLE 1: you used to force yourself to do things but now you feel you can't do that, AND you also don't have another strategy for doing things on purpose. EXAMPLE 2: you used to be successfully dissociating from your internal conflict so you could function, and then when you stopped dissociating you became overwhelmed
Want to elaborate on those challenges?
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