MCPS Student-Parent/Guardian Athletic Participation Contract & Parent Permission Form
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Review the information at the following link and complete information as requested, affix signatures, and submit the completed contract/permission.
Stipulations - We have received and read the Student-Parent Athletic Participation Information. Based on this information, we understand and stipulate to the following. I/We: *
Understand the eligibility regulations required for participation and affirm that all eligibility requirements have been satisfied, including age, residence, and academics.
Understand that participation of ineligible players will result in individual and team sanctions, including forfeits for the team.
Affirm that the student will exert effort to maintain a high level of academic achievement.
Understand that there is potential for serious, catastrophic, or life-threatening injury associated with participation in a sport.
Acknowledge receipt and review of safety and health information made available by the school system, including information regarding concussions, MRSA, hygiene, heat acclimatization, hydration, steroids, and sudden cardiac arrest.
Affirm that the student shall not participate in hazing at any time, of any nature.
Shall exhibit, as a participant or spectator, a high level of sportsmanship at contests, which promotes and reflects the R.A.I.S.E. core values of MCPS athletics.
Shall follow appropriate procedures in communicating concerns to coaches.
Affirm that the student will abide by all team and participation standards.
Shall utilize appropriate, positive use of technology, including social media and other electronic communications.
Affirm that the student shall not use steroids, illegal drugs, alcohol, e-cigarettes, or tobacco unless medically prescribed for a specific condition or illness.
Shall allow certified athletic trainers contracted by MCPS to administer emergency and first aid care to the student, as allowed by the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), the Maryland Board of Physicians, and Board policies and MCPS regulations.
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