York Soaring SMS Reporting System
Logging in to your Google account is not required, and this form is not related in any way to your York Soaring membership accounts. This report can be submitted entirely anonymously if you choose to do so.

If you wish to be sure that this is submitted anonymously, please decisively log out of your Google account, or fill this form out in a private/incognito browser session. Your current Safety Officer is an IT pro and has designed this reporting system to be anonymous. He's very trustworthy ;)

If you do volunteer your name (or if it somehow slips through), be assured that it will not be shared. Not with the board, not with Transport Canada, not with SAC, not over drinks around the campfire, not with the President, not with the CFI. It may be mentioned discreetly and privately, in camera, with the safety committee, but even then, at all times we endeavour to not name individuals, unless absolutely necessary. And we do a damned good bloody good job of it.

Safety reports matter. Fault doesn't. Thank you for taking the time to report.
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