2020 DEVYL U-17 and U-20 Club Winter Leagues
This form is used for the sign up for 2020 DEVYL Club Winter League taking place in Metuchen, NJ at the Metuchen Sportsplex.
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If you are new to USA Ultimate, then you can create an ID at https://play.usaultimate.org/members/login/ Do not pay for a new membership until 12/1/19 which is when it resets for the 2020 calendar year. You should still make a free account without purchasing the full membership.
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Would you like to be a captain of a team? We need 2 captains per team whose responsbility is the flip in the beginning and being a leader on the field,
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There are two divisions. Mixed League is primarily for more experienced 10th, 11th and 12th Graders and mostly plays at the later time slot in a 3-2 male to female gender ratio on the field at all times. Open League is for 8th through 11th graders and mostly plays at the earlier time slot with no gender ratio on the field. All girls should likely request Mixed League though they can request either. 8th and 9th graders should request Open League . Seniors should request mixed league. 10th and 11th Graders can request their league preference. We will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee placement based on request.
Schedule Info
Optional Question: Anything we need to know regarding your schedule? Are there particular days on the schedule you can't attend? Anything we need to know about your league request?
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Optional Question: Anything else we need to know? Medical Information, etc?
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We are currently wait listing all applications. You are on it. We will refund your payment if we cannot add you
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You MUST press the submit button below and this window will change to a "Thanks for Submitting" screen. If you do not press submit, it will not go through. Afterwards, you should pay using the Paypal button on the website. Be sure to put a note of who the registration is for by including your child's first and last name.
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