2018 March Music Madness Survey
For those who used the March Music Madness bracket from SpanishPlans.org
What Grade/Level do you use MMM with?
What state are you teaching in?
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Did you use our Bracket as-is or did you make any changes?
Did you access the Google Drive Folder?
Did your students vote on our online polls?
Did you follow our official results?
What was your favorite part of MMM18?
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What part of the product download was especially useful to you?
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What could be improved for next year?
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How long have you been doing MMM?
What advice would you give to teachers who are using MMM for the first time?
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Any final thoughts?
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Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to seeing you participate next year with us! And if you have more specific feedback, you can always contact us at SpanishPlans@gmail.com
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