Brandon Women's Basketball League - Registration Form for 2020 Season!
Time to Register!! Please fill out the registration form below to be signed up for the upcoming season starting January 8, 2020 at the BU Healthy Living Centre (Main Gym South).

Please read through the info below before signing up.

Due to scheduling conflicts at the HLC, our gym and game times have changed from what we have done in the past. We will be in the South Main Gym (full court) starting at 8pm.

If we have enough players for 4 teams, we will have 2 games each night:
Game #1 at 8:15pm (15 minute warm up)
Game #2 at 9:30pm (10 minute warm up)

If we don't have enough players for 4 teams, we will have 3 teams, and one team will have a bye each week. Players with the bye can offer to be subs for the other teams.

Player fees will be $95 this season as our operating costs have increased. The cost will cover gym rental, player insurance, player jerseys, and MABO Referees. Payment will be accepted by E-TRANSFER only. Please send to

If you do not have access to e-transfers, please contact Brady at to make arrangements to pay by cheque. E-transfer is the preferred method of payment.

Player attendance has been a real issue over the past couple of years. Teams are created based on the understanding that all players signed up will be regularly attending the games. Your teammates need to be able to count on you, so please consider your availability before you sign up.

**Also - signing up means that you are ok with the late game times should we have 4 teams.**
Late start times will be evenly distributed between the teams (five 8:15pm starts and five 9:30pm starts for each team).

Life happens, and things come up, but please make every effort to be at all games (ideally only missing a couple of games at most) to support your team and to have fun! Thanks ladies!!
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This, along with your skill level will help ensure that teams are created as fairly as possible. Example: 5' 11"
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Please select the shirt size that you would like to order. The shirts will be a unisex cotton t-shirt.
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The following statement is to be read carefully by individuals who are enrolled in and/or participating in activities supervised by the staff of the Brandon Women’s Basketball League.


I am voluntarily agreeing to participate in activities sponsored by the Brandon Women’s Basketball League. Certain activities require minimum levels of fitness, ability and health (physical, mental and emotional) and each person has a different capacity for participation in these activities. Participants are responsible for consulting a physician before starting any exercise program or physical activity.

I understand that fitness and physical activities involve significant and inherent risks such as serious injury and even death. I understand that these types of injuries may result from one’s own actions or the actions of others, or a combination of both. I understand and appreciate that there are a number of inherent risks involved that are beyond the control of the sponsoring agency and its staff.

I understand that there is an inherent risk involved in TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM an ACTIVITY SITE such as: injury or death related to vehicular accidents, slip, falls, unforeseen delays and schedule changes.

I fully understand and accept all risks associated with participation in this activity.


I agree to abide by all of the posted & distributed rules, regulations, guidelines and verbal instructions as presented by the BWBL staff, instructors or volunteers associated with the league. Any staff, instructor or volunteer may exclude from participation any participant who, in their judgment, has seriously impaired the ability of others to achieve the intended purpose or objectives of the class or activity.

I agree that the Brandon Women’s Basketball League, its employees, and its agents shall not be liable for injury to users’ person or loss or damage to users’ personal property arising from or in any way resulting from the users’ participation in these activities, unless such an injury is caused by the negligence of the League, its employees, or its agents while acting within the scope of their duties.

I understand that in the event of a serious medical emergency, I give permission to Brandon Women’s Basketball League representatives and fellow teammates to seek emergency medical treatment for me even in the event that I am unconscious or otherwise cannot consent. I agree to accept financial responsibility for all medical treatment, rescue and related transportation.

In registering as a participant of and in consideration of being permitted by the Brandon Women’s Basketball League to participate in activities offered by BWBL, I agree that my name and/or picture MAY be used to promote the Brandon Women’s Basketball League, events and activities. I also am advised that the activity is conducted in a public place and I may be photographed.

I release Brandon Women’s Basketball League from all forms of claims relating to the use of my name and picture.


I HAVE CAREFULLY READ AND CONSIDERED THIS INFORMATION AND FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENTS. I AM AWARE THAT I AM RELEASING CERTAIN RIGHTS that I may have otherwise, and enter into this contract on behalf of myself and my family in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Brandon Women’s Basketball League.

I attest all information submitted by me is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I fully understand submitting misrepresented information, failing to disclose significant information, emitting facts, and/or falsifying documents may result in serious personal injury, death, and/or legal action against me.
After carefully reading and reviewing the waiver, please enter your first and last name as your acknowledgement/digital signature.
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