Dear Children Survey
General inquiry regarding the webcomic Dear Children, which can be found at
1. How did you hear about Dear Children?
2. How old are you?
3. Gender?
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4. Dear Children held my interest __ % of the time.
5. The pace of the story thus far is...
6. As far as updates go, I would rather have:
7. I enjoyed the flash pages of Dear Children.
8. I enjoyed the art of Dear Children.
9. I know who is talking even if the character is offscreen.
10. What sort of features would you like added to the Dear Children website?
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11. I enjoyed the inclusion of voice acting in Dear Children.
12. Which character(s) did you enjoy the most?
13. I plan on checking for updates:
14. I am likely to recommend this comic to friends/family.
15. In your own words, what did you like most about Dear Children?
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16. In your own words, what did you like least about Dear Children?
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