The lives and health of millions of people are affected by emergencies every year. In the last decade, disasters have caused more than 1 million deaths, with more than 250 million people being affected by emergencies every year. This situation has generated substantial health care demands and the need for front-line treatment. Amongst many measures, blood transfusion is an essential component of emergency health care. Emergencies not only increase the demand for blood transfusion but also make its delivery challenging and complex. Therefore, this year campaign concentrates on blood donation in emergencies.

With the theme "Blood Donation is as an action of solidarity" and the second message"BE THERE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. BLOOD. SHARE LIFE", World Blood Donor Day 2018 hope to encourage people to donate blood regularly in order to ensure the sufficiency of  blood stock. Besides, World Blood Donor Day 2018 also underlines the role of every single individual in the blood transfusion activity, especially when emergencies happen.

The AmCham CSR Group together with British Business Group Vietnam are working with Hospital of Hematology and Blood Transfusion  to organize an AmCham World Blood Donor Day from July 09 to July 21 at locations provided.

Please kindly fill in the form. If there is any information needed, please contact Nhon Huynh @ 0909853725 or

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