Northern Irish Identity Workshops
We are a team of researchers from Newcastle University and the University of Birmingham conducting a study on citizenship and identities in Northern Ireland in the context of Brexit. Building on extensive previous research we have completed, we held a series of workshops to build an understanding of what it means to be Northern Irish.

In addition to these workshops, we are also holding Skype and telephone interviews exploring these topics. We are looking for people from any background and any location in Northern Ireland who are prepared to discuss their views on this topic. These interviews will anonymously feed into academic research outputs and creative materials.

To compensate you for your time, we will offer you a £20 Amazon voucher or a £20 National Book Token!

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you with a confirmation of your participation and to arrange a day and time to talk.

Our website is if you would like to know more about us. You can also contact us at with any queries, or message us @performidentity on Twitter.

Thank you!
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