IANDS - NDE Support Group (Boston)
Welcome to the NDE Support Group of the Greater Boston Area! We understand that near-death experiences are harrowing events. They change lives, and demand discussion from us, but oftentimes such a topic is difficult to broach with those who have not shared in similar experiences. Come and join our monthly sessions to share your stories and be welcome among those who have also experienced such transformative experiences.

Sessions are every second Tuesday at the St. Hera Church at 7:00pm EST. Easy access from the Summit Ave stop on the Cleveland Circle MBTA Green Line.

(This form is just a fun way to gather character creation info for our upcoming tabletop roleplaying campaign. Consider it an OOG document. In-game your characters do not fill out a questionnaire like this with all it's weird questions. Just roll with it.)

These sessions are sponsored by IANDS.

Please use this form to introduce yourself to the group leaders before your first visit.
What is your name?
How old are you?
Where in Boston do you live? What's your living situation?
Where do you work? What's your working situation?
Everyone comes from somewhere.
Two things are true. Recently, within the past month or two, you almost died. Also, you're from a broken home and never knew one or both of your parents. Tell me why.
You almost died recently. What happened?
What was your parental situation growing up?
What DO you know about them?
So, who did raise you? What are they like? Where are they?
What are you made of?
This part of the form will ask you to define several of your core character components. These can be changed over time, but we need to come up with something to start.

Issues are what your characters struggle against the most. Your Issue is internal - how you relate to yourself. Choose something that you want to explore with your character. If a character on a TV show makes a poor decision that's usually their Issue talking.

Impulses are what your characters fall back on when making a quick decision. Your Impulse is external - how you relate to others. Choose something that will dictate your gut reaction or go-to tactic when solving problems. If a character on a TV show has a signature move, catchphrase, or instinct that's their Impulse.

Edges are a whole package of skills and knowledge a character might has due to a role they have taken on in their lives, or an experience they have had. Examples include Bodybuilder, Retired Intelligence Agent, Parent, Control Freak, Student Athlete, Activist, War Hero, etc. All of these carry a lot of weight, in that they have a whole suite of skills and experiences you could call upon to help out or contribute to a situation.

Finally, Connections. All characters have relationships. Those relationships will have a significant effect on their lives and the things that may happen to them. You may have a best friend, an ex-lover, or an ever-present-yet-annoying neighbor. Maybe they have a crush on the bartender at their favorite pub or, without fail, jam out with the homeless sax player at the T-station every Wednesday after work for a few hours. How you feel about these people will influence your decisions. These are Connections.

What is your "Issue"?
What is your "Impulse"?
What is your "Edge"?
Who is your "Connection"?
You get one more Edge OR Connection. What is it?
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