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Thank you for supporting Silverton Cat Rescue! Someone will contact you after submitting your application.  We are an all volunteer 501(c)(3) rescue.  Caring for cats always comes first.  Your patience is appreciated.
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Reminder:  Please do not apply if you live more than an hour from Silverton because we do  deliver the kitty to your home. We are a small all volunteer foster based rescue.  We don't have the staff to deliver kitties to adopters who live more than an hour for Silverton.  
Name of the cat(s) you are interested in adopting: *
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Number of adults in household? *
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Number of children in household? *
Ages of children?
If you have children, how have you taught the children to be gentle and respectful of kitties?
Who are you adopting this cat(s) for? *
Where will this cat live? *
Can you provide a home for 15 years or more? *
How will you handle scratching (if the cat claws your furniture) and other potential destructive behaviors? *
What are you looking for in an animal companion? *
What areas of the home will the cat have access too? *
If there are other adults in the home, what are their views about pets? *
Are any of your cats declawed? *
Do you plan on declawing this cat(s)? *
If yes, please explain why:
Have you ever surrendered a pet before? *
If yes, please explain why:
Do you have a dog door or pet door to the outside? *
Do you currently have any pets? *
If yes, what are they and how old? *
List any other pets you have owned in the past five years.  Complete the following:  Type of pet, Length of Ownership, What happened to it, How old was it? *
Reference #1 who has witnessed you around pets. (Please include Name and Phone #) *
Reference #2 who has witnessed you around pets. (Please include Name and Phone #) *
Do you have a current vet? *
Is there a plan in place if you are unable to care for or keep your cat?  Please explain *
Emergency name and contact number.   *
I understand that Silverton Cat Rescue does not adopt on a first come, first served basis.  We put the needs of the kitties first.
Please take a moment to review your application.  We make our adoption decisions based on your responses.  Once submitted, you cannot change your answer.    
I certify that all statements made by me on this adoption application are true and correct. I agree that the current rescue has the right to confiscate the above described animal in the event that any statements made by me are found to be false or if I fail to abide by this contract.   *
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