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The Harbour Sport Youth Programme is an initiative dedicated to empowering and upskilling future leaders in a supportive environment, whilst fostering positive identity.

The programme is designed to cultivate and create confidence, sense of belonging, growth, leadership, development and more. It focuses on improving the wellbeing and addressing youth’s complex feelings and needs; and realising the subsequent benefits. Through the programme, youth will be offered opportunities to identify and build their own interests and strengths. They will be supported to lead with learnings, contribute meaningfully to the community, and eventually become fully equipped leaders of their own. This is achieved by our 3-stage model, developed through identifying youths’ interests and struggles. With a clear progression pathway to capability, the model provides a holistic approach from encouraging exploration and guidance, to formal recognition for leadership and community service, and finally, employability and mentorship. Its end goal is to provide opportunities for youth to excel, grow both personally and professionally, and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Stage One: 14 – 16 year old (Activation)
Identifying and building on interests and strengths

Stage Two: 16 – 20 year old (Development)
Leadership and Service Award

Stage Three: 21 – 24 year old (Capability)
Capability and employability
Internship and employment opportunities with Harbour Sport stakeholders

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