Atlas of the One Land Submission Guidelines
Before continuing any further, please take a moment to review our Submission Guidelines.

The Atlas of the One Land is a collection of free bonus material designed to enhance the setting known as the One Land for the High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game published by Broken Ruler Games. While all players are encouraged to read and apply these submissions to their own stories, it is particularly designed for Directors to help populate their own versions of the One Land. Anyone can submit material to the Atlas for consideration and all submissions will be reviewed by the Librarian. Submissions can be written in character or simply as rough notes for the Librarian to complete but all submission are designed to follow these formats.

1. Each submission is provided from the point-of-view of a character in the game. They can be firsthand accounts of new discoveries or legends told over time and recounted for the Atlas. The specific character in the entry remains at the sole discretion of the author and we encourage all authors to provide the same character should they provide multiple entries.
2. Final submissions are expected to have 250-500 words, not including mechanics and character stats. To allow this content to exist for a wide number of players, all submissions should avoid excessive violence and gore. Submissions with elements of torture, sexual activities of any nature, and other elements that do not fit within a “PG-13” framework will not be accepted or will be revised to remove such content.
3. By submitting any material to the Atlas, you are agreeing to allow Broken Ruler Games to post your content for recreational purposes without financial compensation. While some content may be provided by select individuals chosen by the Librarian in advance, no financial compensation will be made to the author and will remain on the Atlas for an undetermined time period (potentially for the full run of the Atlas). Any original content, characters, locations, and others provided to the Atlas remain the property of the writer and permission is given to Broken Ruler Games to publish on the website, All submissions will provide the true name or pseudonym of the author as provided in the form below.
4. You agree any content submitted is your original work and is not in violation of any copyright. You also agree that submitting content to the Atlas does not guarantee its publication on the website and is subject to the discretion of the Librarian and Broken Ruler Games. Any content submitted and approved will only be used for the website,
5. All submissions will be reviewed, edited, and possibly revised by the Librarian to suit the existing content found in the core material and the Atlas or for other reasons deemed appropriate by the Librarian. Any revisions will be sent to the author in advance of posting for discussion if proper contact information is provided in the form below.
6. All entires must follow the Rule of Initiatives. This means all material provided in either the High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game core rulebook or High Plains Samurai: Legends cannot be altered to suit an entry. To allow all entries equal opportunity to play a part in other stories, additional details, features, characteristics, and other embellishments of existing initiatives are not encouraged and left to the discretion of the Librarian.
7. All entires must be submitted using the form below. If you have any questions about submitting an entry to the Atlas, you can may consult the Librarian at
8. All submissions are not required to include mechanical information, such as character stats. Should you need the Librarian to complete this for you, simply indicate this on the form below. Any submissions with mechanical information for the game will be reviewed and edited by the Librarian.
9. While not a concrete list, the Atlas is looking for the following submissions.
- New locations/communities found between the Five Cities, including but not limited to the Wastes. These can include ancient ruins, famous battle scenes, Outcast settlements, and more.
- New discoveries within the Five Cities, such as unique businesses, organizations, influential characters, and more.
- New supporting characters, including strange creatures from the Wastes or bizarre animals found throughout the One Land.
- Legendary weapons (see the High Plains Samurai Roleplaying Game core rulebook for more information).

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