Shared Ownership Application Form
This form must be completed carefully, ensuring EVERY question is answered accurately and to the best of your knowledge. The Housing Association will use the information you provide to determine your eligibility for any property you may apply for. Incomplete or inaccurately completed applications may be rejected without notice.

Please carefully read the declarations at the end of this form before submitting your application.
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We receive a high volume of applications which can take some time to process, especially after a weekend.  If we have a query on your application form or your eligibility, we will revert to you to as soon as processed.  If you are eligible, your application will be held until a viewing event is arranged - typically within a week to ten days.  We kindly ask you DO NOT chase up receipt of your form, nor attempt to make a viewing request via our website as submission of the application form is treated as a viewing request.  

Ad-hoc viewing appointments CANNOT be accommodated.  Each property will have a specific viewing event allocated to it (typically between 5pm-7pm, Tuesday-Thursday (within London) and Saturday daytime (outside London).
Application for Property
Please DO NOT change this field unless instructed to do so.
Part 1 - Personal Information
Title *
Please select from the following
First Name *
Please provide your full First Name as it appears on your passport or driving licence.
Last Name *
Please provide your full Last Name as it appears on your passport or driving licence.
Date of Birth *
Marital Status *
Married couples MUST add their partner as a second applicant. Non-married applicants (and sharers) who intend to purchase jointly, should select 'Cohabiting' and choose 'Yes' when asked if this is a joint application, at the end of this form. If you are NOT MARRIED and wish to apply as a single applicant, please choose 'Single'.
Previous Name
(if applicable)
Full Residential Address *
Your full residential address including post code. If your application is successful, you will be required to provide proof that you are resident at this address.
How long at this address *
Approximate length of time at this address (years and months)
Telephone Number *
Email Address *
Help to Buy Approved Application Reference
If you have a Help to Buy Approved Application Reference, please provide it here.  If you are applying for a property OUTSIDE LONDON, you may need to complete a Help to Buy application if/when your application to purchase a property has been approved by a housing association.  If you are applying for a property INSIDE LONDON, you DO NOT need complete a Help to Buy application.
Which Borough or Local Authority do you LIVE in? *
Please enter the Local Authority or District Council to which Council Tax is payable at your current address.  If you don't know your Local Authority, you can find out here
Current living arrangements *
Important: Local Authority or Social Housing Tenants will be required to terminate their lease and vacate the property when purchasing shared ownership.
Property Type *
Please indicate your current home type.
Property Ownership Status *
IMPORTANT: If you currently own or part own a property, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to purchase a shared ownership property and your application will be rejected.  However, if your property is SOLD SUBJECT TO CONTRACT, we may consider your application.  You will need to provide us with a copy of your Memorandum of Sale.
If you are a Current Homeowner, is your current property UNDER OFFER?
If you are a current homeowner and your property is not 'Under Offer', regrettably, your application cannot be accepted at this stage.  If your property is 'Under offer' you may still submit an application but your application may be considered a lower priority than applications from non-homeowners.
Clear selection
Dependent occupants
Please provide the NAME, GENDER, RELATIONSHIP and DATE OF BIRTH for all DEPENDENT occupants who will live with you at the property?  Please note that a DEPENDENT person is someone for whom you have a LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to support (e.g. child)
Part 2 - Council/Social Housing Tenants Only
If you are not a Council/Social Housing Tenant, please proceed to Part 3 - Employment Information
Council/Social Housing Provider
Please provide the name and address of your council/social housing housing provider
Council waiting list
If you are on a Council waiting list, please state which one.
Reference Number
If you are on a Council Housing waiting list, please provide your waiting list reference number
Part 3 - Employment Information
Which Borough or Local Authority do you WORK in? *
Please enter the Local Authority or District Council. If you don't know your Local Authority, you can find out here
Are you current (or ex *) MoD personnel *
Currently serving military personnel or military personnel  honourably discharged within the last 6 months
Employer name *
Please enter the (company) name of your employer
Employment address *
Your full workplace address including post code.
Employment status *
Length of employment
How long (in years and months) have you worked in your current role
Part 4 - Financial Information
Before submitting this form, please ensure that your GROSS HOUSEHOLD INCOME i.e. that of you and any co-applicant, partner or spouse DOES NOT exceed £90,000 per year (Greater London area) or £80,000 per year (outside London)
Economic Status *
Applicant 1
Deposit available *
Total of your personal savings AND that of any CO-APPLICANT, plus any GIFTED DEPOSIT (gifted deposits MUST be from close family member). You must be able to supply evidence of these funds. You CANNOT use a loan as all or part of your deposit. A 10% deposit is the minimum required. 25% is required if you are on a visa.
COVID 19 Furlough Scheme *
If you are currently, or have been on furlough within the last two months, it will have an impact on your ability to obtain a mortgage.  It does not necessarily mean that you are not eligible but it is important that we know .
The following 7 questions are concerning your total household INCOME
Gross ANNUAL salary *
(Applicant 1) Your BEFORE TAX income EXCLUDING overtime, bonus, commission, etc.  If you are SELF EMPLOYED, please use your PROFIT FROM SELF EMPLOYMENT - as it appears on your SA302 Tax Return
Gross ANNUAL additional *
(Applicant 1) Any GUARANTEED overtime, bonus commission, etc. (before tax) EXCLUDING gross annual salary
Additional HOUSEHOLD income - Universal Tax Credits *
Total MONTHLY income for your HOUSEHOLD from UNIVERSAL TAX CREDITS (enter zero if not applicable)
Additional HOUSEHOLD income - Child Tax Credits *
Total MONTHLY income for your HOUSEHOLD from Child Tax Credits (enter zero if not applicable)
Additional HOUSEHOLD income - Child Benefit *
Total MONTHLY income for your HOUSEHOLD from Child Benefit (enter zero if not applicable)
Additional HOUSEHOLD income - Disability Allowance *
Total MONTHLY income for your HOUSEHOLD from Disability Allowance (enter zero if not applicable)
Additional HOUSEHOLD income - Guaranteed Maintenance *
Total MONTHLY income for your HOUSEHOLD from Guaranteed Maintenance Income (enter zero if not applicable).  Guaranteed Maintenance is income which is court mandated or prescribed buy the Child Maintenance Service or CSA.
The following 4 questions are concerning your total household OUTGOINGS
Pension *
Enter your MONTHLY PENSION CONTRIBUTION (enter zero if not applicable)
Student loan *
Enter your MONTHLY STUDENT LOAN PAYMENT (enter zero if not applicable)
Loan repayments *
If you have any loans, how much are the total MONTHLY repayments?  This includes Car Finance, Travel/Railcard loans, mobile phone contracts, etc.
Child Support / Maintenance Payments
Total MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION for Child Support / Maintenance (skip this question if you DO NOT PAY child maintenance / support)
The following 2 questions are concerning your PERSONAL debt / savings
Credit card balances *
Total of any outstanding credit / store card debt (only include balances that are not cleared on a monthly basis)
Total savings *
Please include only YOUR OWN personal savings (not that of any co-applicant)
Financial History *
Do you have a history of bad credit or bankruptcy? (We recommend you obtain a copy of your credit report. If your credit rating is not GOOD or better, you may not be accepted for a mortgage).  You can obtain access your credit report FREE OF CHARGE, and many more.
Important Financial Declaration *
Housing Associations DO NOT accept mortgages from sub-prime lenders. If you have any reason to suspect your credit history would prevent you from obtaining a mortgage from a mainstream lender, you should obtain a copy of your credit report and seek financial advice from a regulated financial advisor before completing this application.
Part 5 - Residency
Are you a British or EU/EEA citizen *
Indefinite leave to remain in the UK
If you are NOT a British or EU/EEA citizen, do you have Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK?
Clear selection
Expiring VISA
If you DO NOT have Indefinite Leave to Remain, on what date does your VISA expire?
Part 6 - Equality
Nationality *
Ethnic Group *
Sexual Orientation *
Religious Belief *
Does ANY member of your household use a wheelchair? *
Is this a joint application? *
Select NO to be taken to the Declaration section.  Select YES, to complete the application for the co-applicant.
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