2021 CBK Small Grant Program Application (from the Kenosha Community Foundation)
The Kenosha Community Foundation is now accepting applications for 2021 awards from the CBK Grant program. Please complete the form below to apply for a grant.

The purpose of the CBK Grant program is to provide funds:

"To groups offering programs in the arts or the understanding of our natural world. It will emphasize cross-cultural and multi-generational programs in both areas, whenever possible"

Funds for the CBK Grant program are derived from income from two endowment funds at the Foundation - the Clark-Barber Family Fund and the Kubasiewicz Family Trust.

CBK not only means Creativity By Kids (of any age) but it is also derived from the first initials of the names of the Clark, Barber, and Kubasiewicz families – the donors that established the grant program.

Based on the purpose detailed above by the donors, the Foundation welcomes requests for funding for projects/initiatives in one or more of the following areas:

¬ the arts
¬ culture
¬ nature
¬ the environment

For the 2021 CBK grant program:

• A not-for-profit organization, government agency, and/or educational institution can apply,
• The award can be used as a contribution to an existing project/initiative OR to help start a new program/initiative.
• All submissions must be made using this on-line Google Form.
• On questions that request a narrative response, please limit it to 1,000 characters (about 150 words) or less.
• The final question on the form requests feedback on the CBK application process - we will use your input to further refine the CBK Grant Program for 2022.

The Foundation plans to award grants totaling $3,000 - more could be awarded if additional donor contributions are received.

The deadline for applications is Friday, January 15, 2021.

If the Foundation is interested in supporting the proposal, the organization submitting the proposal may be contacted by the Foundation.

The organization will then have two weeks to answer any follow-up questions and may be required to provide some or all of the following information:

1. The organization's IRS federal tax exemption determination letter (required for not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions).
2. Your organization's employment non-discrimination policy.
3. Your organization's most recent IRS Form 990 (required for not-for-profit organizations).
Email address *
Organization Name *
Type of Organization Submitting the Proposal *
What is the project or initiative for which your organization is seeking a CBK grant? *
Limit this response to 50 words or less - this will be used as the public description of the program.
If given a $1,000 contribution for this project/initiative, what would your organization do or accomplish? *
Limit response to 1,000 characters (about 150 words) or less.
If given a $500 contribution for this project/initiative, what would your organization do or accomplish? *
Limit response to 1,000 characters (about 150 words) or less.
Who will benefit from the project/initiative that your organization is requesting CBK grant funds to support? *
This can be a specific population or group. Limit response to 1,000 characters (about 150 words) or less.
What other resources will the organization use to support this project/initiative? *
List any other sources (such as matching funds or pledged contributions), in-kind contributions, volunteer resources, and other resources that are / will be dedicated to supporting this project/initiative. Please specify any partnerships or collaborations with other organizations here as well. Limit response to 1,000 characters (about 150 words) or less.
How does the program or initiative align (fit in with) the purpose of the CBK grants? *
Limit response to 1,000 characters (about 150 words) or less.
Information about the Organization
Please provide answers to the following questions about your organization.
Website Address *
Social Media platforms that the organization uses to promote its programs *
Mailing Address *
Contact Person for the Grant Application *
Telephone Number
Please list here any questions you have about this grant program and/or questions or feedback on the application process. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
The Foundation will follow-up on any questions and record your feedback to consider changes in 2022 and future years of the CBK Grant Program.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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