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Hey there, LOVERS! You're here because I'm guessing you've accepted my crazy alphas, my sassy heroines, my steamy scenes. I found you ....YAY!

So, I'm opening up my ARC team for Cade's book and other upcoming books!

 Cade's Corrupted Chaos will have these events:

  • ARC REVIEW: Sent on (around) October 20th
  • RELEASE DAY BLAST: October 27th
All information will be sent the night before the event to e-mail that is specified.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your time as I know everyone is very busy. You're AMAZING!
Now that we have all that out of the way, If you're still with me, I'd love to have you join! ♥️

In Cade's Corrupted Chaos, you can expect: 
-Enemies to lovers
-Workplace romance
-forced proximity
-A possessive alphahole Armanelli man

My enemy doesn’t make the rules behind closed doors…
Even if he’s my boss.

Cade Armanelli might be an infamous hacker with billionaire status who operates better alone, but I earned my spot working alongside him...
Whether he likes it or not.

It’s precisely why I’m on the first plane to an undisclosed location for our cybersecurity team retreat. I’m ready to prove to our company that 
I can handle anything…
Except sharing a cabin and a bed with my meticulous, elusive boss.

He’s antisocial.
Enemy number one.
Unfortunately, he’s also number one in tatted, dark, and dangerous. I quickly come to find that not only are his hacking skills perfection, but so is his performance in the bedroom.

Not that it matters. I have a job to keep, a heart to protect, and our nation’s data to secure.
Cade can’t help me with any of that.
He’s a distraction. One I have to avoid…
Even if it means I’m spray painting a red line down our bed and keeping my boss on his side.

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