FSES PTA Feedback Survey
The Franklin Sherman Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an all-volunteer organization composed of parents, teachers, and administrators. We want feedback from ALL parents to know how we can improve the PTA. This survey is anonymous. It should take about 5 minutes. Please let us know what is important to YOU and how we can improve.
1. Using a scale of 0 to 10, to what extent do you feel the PTA improves your child's education at Franklin Sherman?
Not at all
Significantly improves
2. Please tell us why you gave that answer.
Your answer
3. Most of the PTA's income comes from parents through fundraising activities. Which ways of giving do you prefer? Please check all that apply.
4. What donation amount is reasonable for the PTA to ask your family to contribute each year to our general fund (e.g. through fundraisers like $15k in 15 days)?
5. Do you think the PTA should publicly acknowledge donations by families?
6. The PTA organizes social activities to build school spirit and community. Pick the three main social events that are most important to you.
Welcome Back Ice Cream Social
Parent Social on Back to School Night
Thanksgiving Lunch
International Night
Auction Social
7. If there are other activities that you feel are better at building school spirit and a sense of community, or ways that we could do this better, please describe here.
Your answer
8. The PTA is trying to increase its parent volunteers. What can we do better to encourage you to volunteer? Please check all that apply.
9. Please tell us about yourself/your family. Please check all that apply.
10. If you have any thoughts, concerns or questions about the PTA and/or any activity, please let us know here. For example, do you have any ideas to improve what we do? All feedback is welcome!
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(Optional) Please add your name and email address if you would like a response to a question or if we may contact you about your feedback.
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