Performing Arts Symposium - Class Submission
This is the form for submitting classes for the Performing Arts Symposium, June 23rd, 2018.
Hosted by the Shire of Wurmwald in Champaign, IL.
More info here:

Please complete and submit the form by June 8th.
(Forms received after June 8th will be considered in case of any remaining openings, late or emergency cancellations)

* A teacher can submit multiple classes for different topics/classes. Please limit to 5 classes total.
* Due to time and space, it is possible that not all classes will be able to be used.
* Please limit your classes to 60 minutes. (90 maximum)

Classes accepted for all Performing Arts Topics including: Bardic Arts, Commedia, Theater, Physical Theater, European Music, Middle Eastern Music, General Performing Arts. Classes on Performing Arts from beyond Europe and the Middle East will also be accepted.

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