Dutch Referee Blog reader survey
A survey by Jan from Dutch Referee Blog. My goal with it is to get a better idea what referees, instructors, my readers want to know about refereeing and how they develop themselves. The answers will help me to serve you, as reader of my blog, better. Whether it is with interviews, case studies, video's or maybe even a conference.

Because I hope as many readers as possible will respond, I will send a set of signed cards by Premier League referee Martin Atkinson to one of the participants.
By participating in this survey you have a chance to win signed cards by Premier League referee Martin Atkinson
Terms and conditions
Because of the privacy laws and regulations, I firstly want to ask your permission to use the answers you provide. This gives a good explanation of what I'll use the data for and what not.

- Individual answers will not be shared with others. Only global results of the survey might be shared to let readers know what other participants want to read/see on this website and its social channels.

- All answers you provide to this survey are used to improve Dutch Referee Blog and its content, social channels and services

- Answers to this questions are stored in Google Forms. After closing the survey a copy will be stored only offline as long as the blog operates. Personal information provided to receive the thank you e-mail, the results or to win signed cards, like names or e-mail addresses, will be deleted after the e-mail is sent or the winner is chosen. Contact addresses for experts will only be used with explicit permission
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