TCSOA - S1 John Muir Award
Please complete this short questionnaire in order to help staff evaluate the work covered during the John Muir Award course. Take time to think about your answers and be honest and complete the questions individually.

Your answers will be anonymous and used to help adapt coursework for future sessions.

Thank you
Teaching staff - John Muir Award

Had you heard of John Muir prior to starting this course?
How would you rate your overall experience of the John Muir Award?
I enjoyed the different activities:
Where did you enjoy being during the activities?
Do you think that your attitude towards nature and the environment has changed?
When completing different tasks I preferred working:
Activities were at the appropriate level for my learning:
Activities were delivered at an appropriate pace:
Good resources were available for me to use:
Participating in the John Muir Award has allowed me to take part in activities I wouldn't normally experience:
My favourite activity was:
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Describe your experience of the John Muir Award in 3 words:
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Would you be interested in finding out more about John Muir and taking part in other projects?
What will you take /remember the most from the John Muir Award?
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