Mobile Marketing / Mobile Research / Mobile Customer Development
I'm looking for a smart, talented, and hardworking person to help us in a few different areas focused around research, marketing, and customer development. This is a great opportunity for someone that's a recent grad, or someone with a few years of experience that's looking to work with an early stage startup, mobile applications, and clients from North America.

This will be an awesome opportunity for someone that enjoys startups, marketing, and technology. We move fast and work with the latest tools and technologies. We're a bit geeky, work hard, but have a good time.

Viral Foundry is a product studio that builds world class digital products and mobile applications. Our small team is based out of Vancouver, Canada but we have teammates working in various countries and timezones around the world.

We juggle work for clients and also build our internal products. Our first product is Promo (

We're looking for someone to immediately start on a contract basis that will turn into Full Time if all parties are happy.

Initial Tasks:
- Work with teammates on various design, marketing, and research projects.
- Gathering data/intel for strategic purposes (building new products, offering services, pipelining sales deals, researching mobile applications and usage)
- Researching topics and provide advice based on your findings (example - create a spreadsheet that includes information around startups in different geography regions. Provide a 100 word summary on your findings around x and y).
- Work through customer development and feedback
- Marketing campaigns for both promo and our clients. You will be involved in various aspects of online marketing. Projects including social media community management, launching campaigns, a/b testing, email marketing, content marketing, strategy, ecommerce, a/b testing, seo, sem, etc.. Every aspect of online marketing.. we'll grow your chops
- On-boarding new customers to the Promo platform
- Responding to customer support and technical support issues via telephone, email, or video
- Data entry / creating new accounts within our dashboard
- Creating FAQ and KB articles
- Recording basic video tutorials
- Community management on social media
- Social media posting on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc..
- Launching marketing campaigns on social media (we'll help you with this)
- Organizing events, travel plans, and other documentation
- Other marketing tasks

This is a great opportunity for someone eager to learn the latest and greatest online marketing techniques. Someone with great communication, research, organization, and customer support skills.

We use slack for all communication.

You should be internet savvy, great researcher, move super fast, reliable, able to summarize and give recommendations based on your research. You will be working in google docs and should have a PHD in excel spreadsheets.

Please fill out the form as best you can. Take your time and be yourself.

>> I move very fast. Will conduct interviews ASAP and hire multiple people right away

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